World Language Clubs At St. Joe

World Language Clubs At St. Joe

Miriam Rios, Staff Writer

Hey Saint Joe! Have you heard of or checked out our school’s selection of World Language Clubs? This year, we have a club for each language that we offer here at SJ: Spanish Club, French Club, and German Club! Each group is led by a teacher of each language. 

Spanish Club is led by Mr. Rios, who has taught at Saint Joe for 15 years. He currently teaches Spanish 1 and AP Spanish. “Spanish Club is a very social club where we get involved with all different activities in the community,” he says, “We do activities like soccer game/movie watches, club breakfasts, service work for the Latino community here in South Bend, and more.” 

French Club is led by Mr. Shelley, who has taught at Saint Joe since last year. “French club is all about exploring French culture in a much more in-depth way. It offers a place for all people that are interested in French, even those who aren’t in a French class.” Future activities include movie watches, a spring fashion show, a tennis tournament, and more school-wide events. 

Finally, German Club is headed by Mrs. Germann, who is beginning teaching at Saint Joe this year. In past years, members have taken trips to Chicago as well as soccer game watches. Most recently, German students participated in the exchange program this year, which included a trip to Germany over the summer and the hosting of students from Germany here at St. Joe and in South Bend this semester. 

All three of these clubs are absolutely open to new members for each activity and will be planning a World Language Olympics event in the coming months.