The Halfpoint: Indians Football


Thomas Eck

The Saint Joseph Indians worked hard all summer with many seniors and juniors leading the way by being a good example and working hard.

After preparing in the off season, they came ready to hit against the Lakeland Lakers. The Indians started off strong with a win but felt they could have executed even better. The team moved the ball effectively and won 36-17.

The team had a good week of practice but some lack of discipline through the game they could not beat the Mishawaka Caveman needing to keep their composure and execute more especially on offense.  Mishawaka features an outstanding run attack and were able to wear down the defense.

The next week they had a match up against John Glenn who came in undefeated on the season. The Indians has had success in recent season beating the Falcons with ease but this time would show a different outcome because of lack of discipline and  underestimating the opponent. The Indians could not find the zone and fell to John Glenn 8-3. The Indians looked to pick themselves up against a home town foe.

The team hosted the Adams Eagles for the first home game. Fr. Bly Field proved a big boost as the team went up 21-0 in the third quarter.  Special teams mishaps helped the Eagles climb back in the game.  With the score of 14-21, the Eagles drove to the one yard line with only a couple of seconds left. The defense stiffened and stopped the Eagles on a run as Austin Futa, Quinn Boyer and Santana Suarez stuffed the final play of the game to preserve the victory.

After the victory at home, the Indians were back on the road playing a very rough and tough New Prairie squad. Down a few players to injury before and during the game, the Indians could not find a way to score until the 4th quarter. The tough Indians D never backed down but eventually fell 35-7.

With only 5 guaranteed  games left that marks the halfway point of the season. The seniors realize that there is not a lot of high school football left for them. The Indians look to keep getting better, let adversity shine them up, and prepare for the playoffs as these next few weeks they have some of the toughest opponents in the area – including Elkhart and Penn – as well as Benet Academy from Illinois – and of course the Holy War against Marian.