Pizza review: Mimmos Pizza

Peter pieniazkiewicz, senior contributor

“Pizza is the great equalizer” is a classic quote from the Office character Michael Scott. But it’s more than just a quote, there is some underlining truth in that statement. America is seemingly obsessed with pizza, probably because we all as Americans eat pizza regardless of gender, race, or annual income. Because of this equalizer, thousands of entrepreneurs chase their dream of opening a pizzeria. The most prevalent type of restaurant is a pizza restaurant and we as the consumers get to reap the benefits.

One pizza restaurant founded on these American values Is Mimmo’s pizza located in Mishawaka at 204 W Edison Rd. Mimmo’s was founded in 2018 by Blake Schirripa. Blake has been making pizzas since he was 17 years old.  Mimmo’s has a deeper history than shows. The location Mimmo’s is in used to be Bruno’s pizza until they went under in 2018. The crazy thing about Mimmo’s is that the owner took over Bruno’s location back in 2011. When Bruno’s went under in 2018, Blake keep on the pizza tradition by opening Mimmo’s – taking what he had learned and applying it to his own style of pizza.


Now for the review, as we know a pizza place cannot be judged only by taste alone, there are many other factors. Those factors include the owner’s history/story, taste, and atmosphere. When I review a pizza place I review it as the whole story. Now for Mimmo’s, I felt a classic authentic atmosphere, it was decorated with class Italian pizzeria decor. When I walked through the door I got a real sense of family, it was evident that this is truly a family owned and run business. Now for the taste, the pizza’s flavor was very good. the pizza was perfectly seasoned and I enjoyed that slightly spicy sauce. The cheese was a little low-quality which was apparent due to the amount of grease. Finally, the crust was lacking and a little too floppy, the pizza definitely could have been cooked longer to give the crust more of a crispy texture. Finally, the story is amazing about how this restaurant came right out of Bruno’s empire that dominated south bend pizza for many years. Bruno’s laid the foundation for many smaller pizza restaurants to form and Mimmo’s is one of those that are extending that legacy.