Meet Mr. Brown – New Assistant Pastoral Minister


Peyton Hull, Staff Writer

Mr. Brown started at Saint Joseph High School in January 2022. How did he find his way to the St. Joe family? He grew up in Ashburn, Virginia where he lived until he moved to South Bend to attend Notre Dame University. This would be where he would graduate after studying Economics and Theology. He is currently 1/3 the way through his Masters at Notre Dame for Theology, as he wants to teach it long term. Brown was interested in teaching after college and he was looking into Catholic Schools to start at. It just so happened that Saint Joe was the closest one near to him, and the one he had heard most about!

It all kicked off with filling in for Mrs. Fink in the theology wing in the beginning of 2022. After working hard for his first few months in both the classroom and the theology department, he was named the Associate Pastoral Minister. In the Pastoral Ministries office, he works as a service coordinator, supervising service hours, and ensuring everyone has the opportunity and means to complete them. He also assists with the needs of pastoral ministry. Whenever Mrs. Baglow needs something he is the man for it. Additionally, he teaches one class at St. Joe which is an Accounting class. Brown stated, “I love teaching Accounting because of my Economics background and just the material of the class. It’s a fun group.” Mr. Brown will be coming up soon on his one year anniversary of being hired at Saint Joe High last January.