College Applications


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Blank college application on a desktop. Artwork created by the photographer.

Seniors, it that time of year. The first college deadline for application is November 1st. That is just around the corner. If you are interested in going to college make sure you have done the following:

  1. complete the FAFSA
  2. fill out the common app
  3. write a standout college essay
  4. ask for recommendation letters
  5. learn the ins and outs of financial aid
  6. decipher the actual costs of college tuition
  7. and find scholarships to pay for college.

Your college essay is something that can be a deciding factor for your admission to college. Make your topic true to you and unique compared to other people. Try to stay away from topics such as sports, a comeback of an injury, and a story that has no real lesson. Your word count needs to be anywhere from 250-650 words no more or less!

Make sure you are also staying on top of your grades! It is imperative that grades stay constant even though we are seniors. Make sure you do not get to the point of missing work and if you do, stay on top of it and turn it in as soon as you can. Everyone is looking forward to college but try to stay focused now so you can have more opportunities in the future. Another great thing is to build your activities you are involved in. This can include things such as joining clubs, sports, counsel, and service.

The Saint Joe High School counselors do a great job with helping you with this process. They will schedule meetings with you to help you with the process or you can pop into the councilors office anytime to ask questions or to help.