Teacher Feature: Mrs. DePauw

Miriam Rios, Staff Writer

Hey Saint Joe ! Have you had a chance to meet some of the new teachers that are here this year? Well, one of these teachers is Mrs. DePauw, who has just begun teaching Algebra 1 and Algebra 1 Lab in the Mathematics wing. While she is new to teaching math, Mrs. DePauw has taught at Saint Joe previously. She worked as a resource teacher for 3 years, but took a break from teaching in order to focus on her family for 20 years. But now she is back in action with a new subject and new classes. 

“I’ve wanted to be a teacher since I was young,” she says, “and I’ve always loved being able to help others, especially kids, to understand subjects and things that they are struggling with or need help with.” She particularly gets this chance with Algebra 1 Lab, as it offers a specific environment in which students can get additional help with math. In addition to this, her mother also was a teacher for 30 years, which influenced and nurtured her love and ambition for teaching.

“Math has been one of my favorite subjects because I really enjoy the manipulation of numbers and the ability to solve problems and puzzles,” she indicates, adding that she is excited to have to opportunity to teach the subject, especially at this school. “A fun fact about me is that I met my husband, Mr. DePauw, at Saint Joe years ago because we had classes across the hall from each other, so I have a particular connection here.” 

Make sure to say hello to Mrs. DePauw if you see her in the hallways!