Mario Movie Trailer Review


Thomas Eck

Mario in a movie? I never thought that it would happen. After years of waiting and setbacks we finally have the movie and it will be ready to go on April 7th 2023.

The movie will essentially be the origin story of Mario. The trailer starts off with Bowser coming to invade the penguin castle. These penguins are a nice add on to show that the producers really do know Mario. These penguins were introduced in Mario 64 in 1995 and for them to be in the movie is a nice little nostalgic add-on.

Once bowser has power to the star he asks ” who is gonna stop me?” Then Mario flies out of a pipe. The look they give Mario is great – it really fits the blue collar plumber from Jersey look that Mario should have. The voice acting for Mario is a little shaky. From the interview on Chris Pratt it seemed like he really had no idea what he was talking about so many fans are skeptical about his performance but at the end of the day we don’t know if Mario will turn into the Mario we know as the movie goes on. Fans are hoping to hear at least a little bit of Charles Martinet who is the original voice of Mario.

The visuals look amazing in the trailer and you can tell this movie is very high budget. The voice of Jack Black as Bowser is absolutely perfect and he seems much more invested as Bowser than Pratt as Mario. Other voices like the Magikoopa and Toad are amazing and they fit the character from the game very well. There is also a small bit of Luigi running from some drybones and it was a nice little hint to Luigi’s Mansion. I am excited for the movie as I have been the biggest Mario fan since as long as I can remember and many others are excited for this movie. Don’t forget to catch in theaters April 7th!