Hurricane Ian: What you can do to help

Hurricane Ian has become a crisis in the Southern half of our country. 114 people are confirmed to be dead, at least. Thousands of homes, businesses, and establishments are destroyed– leaving the people of Florida in particular, very hopeless. Although it seems like a situation out of our touch, and definitely out of our control, there are still many ways to help the people of Florida who have been affected by this disaster. There are several organizations set in place to fund the revitalization of these homes, businesses, and lives.

American Red Cross

The American Red cross is providing monetary donations to help contribute to their efforts to be of aid to all people effected by the Hurricane. They’ve started by creating relief kits and supplies, sheltering over 100,000 people, and doing what they can to assist in re-uniting families separated by the disaster.

Save the Children

Save the Children is an organization dedicated to ensuring and improving the safety of Children, particularly at times of disaster like this. Save the Children is accepting donations as well, which can be done on their website: They have started to help by distributing water, hygiene kits, diapers, and making play areas and evacuation areas for the children to stay.

Volunteer Florida

Volunteer Florida is a larger organization created specifically to help people struggling with the effects of natural disasters. They will be taking donations to distribute to smaller organizations helping people in light of Hurricane Ian specifically.