Senior Spotlight – Aurora Nunez


Kasem Minzey

Talented senior Aurora Nunez specializes in ceramics – taking her second year of the class along with AP 3-D  from Mr. Kuharic – a favorite of Aurora.  Beyond the many different techniques she has learned in his class, Nunez loves the space and time Kuharic gives his students- allowing her to improve and work on her own ideas, while being capable of giving feedback when necessary. Her favorite thing about ceramics is the concentration that it takes to work the clay, which leads to a sense of calmness. 

AP-3D requires a portfolio, which includes having a sustained investigation for the year. Aurora’s sustained investigation for this year is diving into how trauma has an affect on the human mind and how trauma brings about the sense of enclosure or restraint.

“One thing I would tell people about ceramics is that everyone has the ability to get better, just like in any class or sport. People push it aside by saying, ‘I could never do that,’ but it really depends on how much time you are willing to spend.” Aurora would easily recommend this class because of all the amazing objects you could make and take home. She plans to continue ceramics in college though not necessarily as a major. Aurora plans instead on majoring in Athletic Training while also fitting Spanish and ceramics in her schedule. She wants to continue her college education to obtain a master’s degree and then she wants to travel and is excited to see what God has in store for her.

The thing that inspires Aurora to make sculptures is what Mr. Kuharic said in one of the first classes she’s taken, “Everything is a piece of artwork, which took time to design. The difference is the artwork made for functioning everyday items, like a stool or a chair, and the other artwork as forms of expression or taking something else out of perspective.” This has inspired Aurora to continue in ceramics and has changed her view on some things in life.