5 Artists To Look Out For (Volume 2)


Continuing the trend of talking about music, I have compiled a list of 5 more artists who are very close to making it big. I will keep it brief this time, and so it is time to start with the first on the list.

Alva Gracia is a very rising name in the underground, known for a super poppy dance style and a major influence to modern house music. Their style is extremely noticeable, having a very recognizable “Alva Bounce” (as the community calls it) in each and every track. Recently Alva’s music has been getting thousands, and even tens of thousands, of plays on average, and that number only continues to go up with every song they release. I recommend their latest, “What We Used To Do”, and “Space From You” if you want to begin listening to this artist. You will not regret it.

Astrale (clearly not his real name) is the next artist on the list. Astrale, originally known for an instrumental electronic style with very sci-fi inspired, yet still very mellow sounds, has taken a more pop and indie direction still incorporating what he was once known for. Astrale describes his own style as ‘music from the future,’ and this description is absolutely true. With more and more releases on larger record labels, Astrale is only getting bigger. I recommend his songs “The Way I See” and “Dream Bay” if this is an artist you want to check out.

Moving onto the next artist, we have Jaron Steele. Jaron, like Astrale, was known for an extremely cinematic and distorted style in the electronic scene. Now, he has moved on to create something completely new, while still incorporating the incredibly atmospheric sounds he used before. Each one of his songs sound like a dream and a full experience. Jaron is extremely well known in smaller scenes, but it is only a matter of time his music branches out. I recommend his album, “it’s hard to see color,” and his song “Escape.” Both of these releases are journeys in sound (and who knows, I may review his album soon.)

For the next artist on the list, we have one who is only perhaps days away from blowing up. The electronic artist by the stage name “beastboi” has been climbing the ranks at an extremely fast rate. Originating from North Carolina, beastboi’s style is a lot heavier than the previous artists on this list. He takes inspiration from modern and old-school dubstep music and puts his own spin on it. Recently, he got signed to one of the largest record labels of this genre, Disciple. Beastboi’s music is certainly unorthodox, but it is very well produced and something completely different from anything before. If this style peaks your interest, I recommend his songs “MADE 4 ME” and “Leave Me.”

And for the final artist on the list, we have Ryan Leahan. Ryan’s music is incredibly catchy. His songwriting and production is incredible and I would not be surprised at all if his music gets big one day. Each song has a whole different energy to it yet his voice connects whatever he makes together. I recommend listening to his album “Spark” (as well as the remix album, there is so much talent on there) and his collaboration with Eli Warren titled “first floor.” Specifically from the album, songs like “Photophobia” and “Haunted” are the highlights.

That wraps up today’s collection of artists. A lot of these names may seem unrecognizable at first, and that is entirely the point. I have listened to so much music that goes under the radar and I hope that I can spread awareness of some talent that is getting unnoticed.