Teacher Feature: Ms. Jonatzke


Miriam Rios, Reporter

We have another new teacher this year everyone! Her name is Ms. Jonatzke and she has started working at St. Joe this year in the Science Wing teaching six different sections of chemistry. 

Ms. Jonatzke is originally from Stevensville, Michigan, and has a great amount of experience in the field of teaching. She previously taught as a permanent substitute teacher in California and also taught physics and chemistry in Detroit. Additionally, Ms. Jonatzke was a teacher at Lakeshore Middle School. 

When asked, she said that the reason she became a teacher was because of her brother who had not finished high school due to bad experiences with his teachers and schooling. “I want to be able to help my students in better ways so that they don’t have to feel that dropping out is the best option. I hope that I can provide a better learning environment.” 

Ms. Jonatzke attended Central Michigan University, where she studied science labs and also had a minor in math. “One of the reasons that I love teaching chemistry is because of my love for science in general. I’ve always had a knack and a passion for science, and I’ve found that it’s much easier to teach a subject that I’m interested in.” 

As mentioned prior, this is her first year teaching at St. Joe. Her favorite aspects of our school so far are that the environment is very community-oriented with lots of support. She’s also found that students are respectful and kind and hopes to continue having a great year!

Make sure to say hello to Ms. Jonatzke!