November Community Award Winners


Kasem Minzey

This year, Tuesday, November 1st was all saints day. To honor this day, Saint Joseph High School held a mass for all students and staff to attend. During this mass, Principal Kennedy announced the Community Award Winners for the month of November. The winners for this month are Perla Navarrete, Mitchel Kazmierzack, and Mrs. Christine Baglow. The winners of this title acquire a plaque to appreciate what they have accomplished throughout this community. 

Perla Navarrete has represented Saint Joe at visits with our partner schools (middle schools; such as Saint Joe Grade School) and stays on top of her school work while obtaining a job outside of school. She has been described as “respectful, kind, hard-working, and having a big heart.” Perla is always looking for ways to create new relationships with people and is always kind and respectful to her peers. One teacher has said she “exemplifies one of the true purposes of education. She questions what she learns, and applies all that she learns to herself and her life, seeking to grow and push herself to be better. She often reads outside of what is assigned for class so she can better understand herself and the world. Every class that she is in is better as a result.” Perla is a perfect example of how we should act in our community. 

Mitchell Kazmierzack volunteers for Saint Joe through Christ Child Society. He is a student ambassador and is involved in student council, spirit club, and peer ministry. Through these involvements, Mitchell has created many great experiences and made senior activities exhilarating through his dedication to helping events all throughout the building. Recently, Mitchell has participated in the fall play and plans to be a part of the musical. He is described as “happy, friendly, upbeat, and having a contagious positive attitude.” Along with Perla, Mitchell is another great example of the Saint Joe community and how we should act. 

Mrs. Christine Baglow is currently in her third year at Saint Joe High School. During those three years, two of them were spent as the Director of Pastoral Ministry and is the moderator for the right-to-life club. She is described as “super welcoming, sweet, helpful, energetic, easy to talk to, and someone who shines brightly through the dark clouds when things get tough.” One student said that Mrs. Baglow “always brings a smile to my face, makes connections with us, and has a loving heart and deep faith that have been such an inspiration to me.” Another said that “she makes me feel like Saint Joe is my home.” Mrs. Baglow possesses a Master of Arts in Pastoral Leadership and has contributed to the Ave Prayer Book for Catholic Mothers. She is married and has four children, and recently became a grandmother. Mrs. Baglow is a great staff member and everyone is very honored to have her here at Saint Joe. 

Make sure to congratulate Perla, Mitchell, and Mrs. Baglow on their accomplishments!