Pizza review: Yummy Pizza


Peter pieniazkiewicz

Surprising Pizza coming out of Granger! This is what could be said about Yummy’s pizza which is located on the corner of IN-23 and Fir across the street from Saint Pius. Yummy’s pizza holds a Granger address which is very surprising for the Blue Bloods of the pizza industry. Granger is known for rich moms driving BMWs and for getting yelled at by a Karen at Target, but not for pizza! Everyone in the South Bend-Mishawaka Area knew for many years where to get good pizza, but since the closing of the 23 Brunos and the demise of many Italian neighborhoods, people have been forced to look for the next South Bend Area pizza staple and some people look no further than Yummy’s.


The Yummy’s pizza review kind of happened by accident. It was a late Monday night after work and my pizza secretary fumbled the bag at the new pizza review location. Because of no promising pizza in the area, I got on my phone and decided to make the journey to Yummy’s pizza. Surprisingly, Yummy’s is more than just pizza and is actually connected to staple patty shack ice cream. Despite the fact that it was tucked into the corner behind the Walgreens, the upscale modern interior with classic pizzeria neon lights to advertise bubble tea and pizza by the slice makes up for the lackluster exterior.

Due to the location and advertisement, I was expecting a classic overpriced and overrated item, but the pizza’s price tag was normal for the industry and the pizza wasn’t what was expected. The pizza coming out of Yummy’s was 100% New York style as it was rather large, and floppy, but also crispy at the top. The pizza taste was also surprising as it was good honest pizza. The taste was class New York style with a hearty-garlic tomato sauce and grade-A pepperoni. Despite average quality cheese, it is hard to find as traditional New York style around here as Yummy’s – earning it a 6.9 rating.  Although you can always find better pizza, this spot is what I would consider an everyday neighborhood good pizza. I didn’t have the luxury of trying the ice cream or bubble tea but I would also assume that those items would be decent. Overall a shocking pizza place in the South Bend Area!