The Impact of Marvel’s 2022 Black Panther


Trudy Costello

Once again Marvel’s Black Panther has an impact on the Hollywood Film Industry in an outstanding way. The movie reveals a sneak peak into Marvel’s phases 5 and 6 with little hints being dropped by the characters and adding new characters to the story line. In addition the villain in the 2022 Black Panther was outstanding, challenging the Wakandans to play at his game with the stakes being so high. How much would they lose if they didn’t play his game?

The Black Panther is a statement protector for the country Wakanda. He was one of their only sources of direct protection – previously played by Chadwick Boseman in the 2018 Black Panther. A big question that was being asked before the movie was released was how are they going to portray the loss of the main character without the entire plot falling apart. The writers of the film, Ryan Coogler and Joe Robert Cole did an excellent job of filling the gap of the loss of the original Black Panther. With setting Shuri, the princess of Wakanda as the new Black Panther, this allowed the franchise to continue. While killing off T’Challa in a realistic way that also pays tribute to his passing. It allowed the story line to continue without many gaps in the plot. With Shuri being the new Black Panther, the film played out very well and allowed the spotlight to shift to her as the new main character.  With many points in the movie showing tribute to Chadwick Boseman, the movie was very emotional and heart wrenching.

The film also did an excellent job of introducing the new character for phases 5 and 6 of Marvel’s movie plan. The second Black Panther film introduced one of marvel’s next superheros, Ironheart. The writers integrated her into the story line very well and if there weren’t as many references to the upcoming Ironheart film, that she was a genius young college girl who built a very strong power source. As well as a suit that had very similar functions as Ironman. It would not have been as noticeable that she would play such a big part in the next movie phases.

Once again, Black Panther hit it right on the dot with the diversity throughout the movie. This time not only incorporating African American language and culture again, but also French. The film took a turn and brought the main characters to a country in the Caribbean Islands, Haiti. There were many points in the movie where the characters were speaking French or other languages and subtitles were included. As well as the main villain being indigenous, there were a lot of different languages and cultures being shown. Again, the film did an amazing job with the costumes, and showing tribute to the cultures.

Marvel did a fantastic job of creating another great villain. With this film’s villain being Namor, an underwater ruler, he pushes the limits of the Wakandans as well as their allies. He especially pushes Shuri, with mentioning both her mother and brother passing to get a rise out of her. It causes her to break many times throughout the film, and we finally get to see how powerful she truly is. Most importantly a very rare decision happened in the end of the film, Shuri spares Namor. With this being said, this ending showed how the characters can be compassionate and merciful. Especially with Shuri’s new found power and status, she could have easily killed him at the last fight scene, but the film shows how using your power to hurt others is not acceptable. Unlike their enemies who show no remorse, this decision separated her from her nemesis. As well as Shuri showing mercy, the audience gets the notion that she is allowing Namor to live, as the Wakandan’s ally. This also sets up another interesting ending, with two powerful nations who were once at war. What would be the outcome of the two nations in the next film?

Overall, with the circumstances of the passing of Chadwick Boseman (T’Challa) the movie was well written. With lot’s of action packed moments and tense rivalries, as well as cry worthy moments. With the first movie being about Wakanda expanding, and the second movie being about Wakanda trying to rebuild the country after the tragic loss of the King and Queen. That begs the question of what the third movie will be about.