Some Fear the Fall of Twitter

Some Fear the Fall of Twitter

The future of everyone’s favorite bird-app has not become a bright one. Its employees, or rather, what is left of them, have guessed that Twitter may only have about two weeks before shutting down. This unfortunate fate has left some excited, some indifferent, and most upset.

The purchase of Twitter by billionaire Elon Musk has been finalized, and things have appeared quite rocky as he started his tenure at the helm of the massive social media fixture. Most of the employees there were laid off and a new pay-to-get-verified system was put in place. The response, to say the least, was not a positive one from the crowd. People even began buying verified badges and then impersonating other celebrities or famous people. While hilarious in the moment, this did not sit well with the higher-ups. The fact that one could now pay for a verified badge, intended to stop hate speech, led to more oversights being found than a real fix to the solution.

If Twitter were to truly shut down, several artists and creators who use it as a promotion platform would be out of luck. It would be much more difficult to truly market yourself as a creator without one of the most prominent methods of doing so. And as of right now, no alternative to Twitter has been able to step up and replace it.

Professional Twitter User (he said that I could call him this) Braedon Troy states, “It’s impressive that one person can absolutely devastate a giant company in about two weeks. But it is worrying for organizing and community.”

To conclude, most users stay in a time of fear for the future of this app, and potentially the future of other social media as well.