St. Joe Diving Squad!


Peyton Hull, Staff Writer

The Saint Joe Diving Team, while having had a rocky start, has turned it right around in their first and most recent meet on November 22nd. The Diving Team consists of three members; The Frick sisters – Ella (Sr.) and Lauren (Soph.) – and Lainey Eder (Jr.). Starting up season was no easy feat for the girls. They had a small squad of three, no pool to practice in, and no coach. Last year, the girls practiced with the Adams Team, so captain of the Diving Team, Ella Frick, alongside Mr. Anthony, reached out to the Adams coach again this year, and got the girls some practice time with the Adams team.  They practice at Washington High School, Monday – Thursday and Saturday from 5:00-7:00. Coach Julie Curtis and Coach Nick Farmer, former college diver, have been training the girls hard, encouraging technique and good work ethic. In order to compete in meets, the girls must know five different dives each. These dives are comprised of; forward dive, backward dive, twist dive, inward dive, and reverse dive.

When asked, Lainey Eder said, “I knew nothing about diving before I joined the team. Slowly, I have learned three different types of dives; forward, forward tuck and back dive. The team is so welcoming and encouraging its fun to be apart of.”

Ella Frick competed in the first meet on the 22nd, diving against New Prairie. She displayed six dives total, and came out victorious, winning first place.

The girls next meet is on December 6th. They look forward to continuing to grow this season, and trying to get more attention and support for the sport!