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Stephen Anthony Named New Athletic Director

Stephen Anthony Named New Athletic Director

May 28, 2021

Deb Brown, after being at Saint Joe for five years, is retiring. The new Athletic Director Stephen Anthony will be joining us on July 1st.  Anthony...

Lauren Pieniazkiewicz

Senior Art Show 2021

Maggie Mark, Staff Writer
May 17, 2021

Saint Joe spotlighted the exquisite artistry that takes place in its halls with the Senior Art Show, which took place on Sunday, May 16th in the high school's...

Staying With The Trends (Feb. 2021)

St. Joe Artist Spotlight: Sydney Hull

Maggie Mark, Staff Writer
April 29, 2021

Sharp with her serves and volleys as a part of the St. Joe Girls’ Tennis team, Senior AP Art student, Sydney Hull, is just as precise when it comes...

Eric Gaff is named as the new head coach for Boy's Basketball.

Coach Gaff Scores the Title as New Head Coach

April 21, 2021

After Coach Mark Johnson's three years of coaching here at Saint Joe, a new coach steps up to take his place and begin a new era of Saint Joe Boy's Basketball....

Notre Dame volleyball head coach Debbie Brown reacts to Notre Dame's acceptance of an invitation to join the Atlantic Coast Conference.

Coming to a Close: Deb Brown to Retire

Kevin Cousins
April 11, 2021

Deb Brown, our athletic director, is finishing up her fifth and final year here at Saint Joe after joining the community in 2016. Brown embraced the...


The “Sirius” Rise of Julia Cunningham

Hunter Horan, Writer
April 3, 2021

What do Ben Affleck, Patrick Stewart, Hugh Jackman, and Elizabeth Olson all have in common? Besides fame, all of these celebrities have had the pleasure...

Mr. Flesh is a Movie Star?

Mr. Flesh is a Movie Star?

Luke Thomas, Author
March 24, 2021

Mr. Flesh is a proud history nerd as well as a huge movie enthusiast.  Mr. Flesh has watched too many movies to count throughout his life and loves...

The Melodic Lauren McKie

The Melodic Lauren McKie

March 18, 2021

Lauren McKie, now a junior studying Electrical Engineering at Notre Dame, released two songs, "Something Sweet" and "City Lights" back in 2017. For...

Dominick and his family coming together to celebrate their oldest child, Bella's, 17th birthday. Family members from left top to right bottom are Joe, Rachel, Dominick, Bella, Luca, and Dominick Jr.

CEO Originated at Saint Joe

Bella Saratore
March 17, 2021

Growing up in Buchanan, MI, it is interesting to think that Dominick Saratore’s parents, Judy and Joseph, decided to send their youngest son to Saint...

One of the many Saint Joe-themed photos that Mr. Goodrich took over Mode Three.

Mr. Goodrich… The Photographer?

Jack Bailey, Staff Writer
March 5, 2021

The destroyer of derivatives. The incinerator of integrals. The assassin of AP Calculus. Mr. Goodrich, well known for his expert teaching of mathematics, ...

Nathan Gunn: Baritone Extraordinaire

Sophia Rozycki , Staff writer
March 4, 2021

Nathan T. Gunn, a prominent American operatic baritone who grew up in South Bend before attending our very own Saint Joe High, has traveled the world to...

Kristin Danielson: Former St. Joe and Notre Dame Soccer Star

Kristin Danielson: Former St. Joe and Notre Dame Soccer Star

Braedon Troy, Staff Writer
March 4, 2021

As one of the top soccer players to ever take the field in a Saint Joseph uniform, Kristin Danielson followed up her Saint Joe career with a successful...

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