December Community Award Winners


Kasem Minzey

The Community Awards Winner is a title only very few people receive. True role models for the community. They are always generous, put others before themselves, and help people when they need it. These winners also push for the best and look for the best in everyone around them. 

The male recipient of the Community Award is praised for being generous, compassionate, respectful, and a natural leader, leading with a “can-do” mentality. He has a reputation for being orderly, diligent, always engaged, and helpful to others in the classroom. According to one teacher, this person manages to keep his lab groups active and focused on the task at hand. He contributes his time to SAW’s (Servants At Work), which constructs handicap ramps for locals. He also participates in FBLA, serves as the science club’s president, and has participated in track and cross-country for four years. For the month of December, the male Community Award Winner is Nolan Finfrock. 

The female Community Award winner is defined as a quiet leader who works hard and is polite, thoughtful, upbeat, humble, and cheerful. From the teacher’s standpoint, she is a ray of sunshine and a friend to everyone. She is also seen as a person that sees the good in everyone, trying to receive the best out of them and push them harder. She is renowned for being selfless in sports and prioritizing the success of the team over her own achievements. One of her coaches praises her as approachable for her teammates, yet fierce for anyone to go up against her. She is a member of the National Honor Society, student ambassadors, and the girls basketball and soccer teams, where she has played for four years; this year, she is the varsity captain for both teams. She co-founded and oversaw the LOGAN Center’s inclusive soccer program for children with disabilities. The female Community Award Winner for the month of December is Lauren Harrington. 

The winner of the Faculty and Staff Members Community Award is committed to her field as well as the staff and students she supports. She is kind, considerate, a motivating leader, and a problem-solver. She cares deeply about everyone’s health and well-being as if they were her own and genuinely cares about them. She has made the culture of the team in the school’s kitchen into a pleasant, service-oriented, and teamwork-driven unit since she arrived in Saint Joe almost a year ago. Additionally, she has offered to supply food and drinks for a variety of gatherings and meetings at Saint Joe, always doing so with a smile. She expanded her duties this year to include managing our athletic concessions and taking over as our FBLA club moderator in addition to her normal duties. She holds a Bachelor of Nutrition Science from Purdue Global University, an Associate of Applied Science in Culinary Arts from Le Cordon Bleu Culinary School, and more than 20 years of experience working in the service industry. Our Director of Food Services, Mrs. Danielle Kaiden, is the recipient of your Faculty & Staff Community Award for the month of December.