Your Next Netflix Binge: Umbrella Academy Season 2


Amelia Kempf, Reporter

If you like action packed shows with nonsensical plot twists and killer soundtracks, Umbrella Academy Season Two is your next Netflix Binge.

Clocking in at a mere 10 episodes, this 2020 Netflix release is easily watched on a chilly fall Saturday. Obviously, go back and watch the first season of this crazy show in order to get some context. This Netflix Original series follows seven children who were all born on the same day by mothers who did not show signs of pregnancy the day before who were adopted by billionaire Sir Reginald Hargreeves. Each born with a unique superpower, these children were raised to save the world as the “Umbrella Academy”.

In Season Two, we find our heroes scattered across five years during the 1960s in an alleyway in Dallas, Texas. Without giving too much away, this season follows the heroes reuniting and having to fight off yet ANOTHER world-ending apocalyptic event. Even though the story-line is truly intriguing, my favorite aspect of the second season of Umbrella Academy is the soundtrack. With songs ranging from the fast-paced “Rocket Fuel” by DJ Shadow and De La Soul to the classic pop song “Comin’ Home Baby” by Mel Torme, this soundtrack brings out almost every emotion imaginable in the viewer. Not only are the songs amazing on their own, but the choice of scene to accompany these songs is impeccable. Each intense and bloody fight scene has its own seemingly out of place, yet perfectly fitting song swelling behind it.

If you find yourself stuck inside on a rainy Saturday and just don’t feel like studying for that test you have next week, jump on your family Netflix account and binge this incredibly directed second season of Umbrella Academy.

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