Senior Spotlight: Anna Maffetone


Ava Rousseve

From art classes to art camp to at home projects, senior Anna Maffetone has always loved expressing herself through her art. Now in AP Art, she is focusing on her sustained investigation based on our perception of identity and how it changes over time. 

In each of Anna’s pieces this year she displays a different age, relationship, or moment in our life that changes how we define ourselves. She differentiates between these different stages of life by using varying colors and styles in her works. Her first piece she did this year focuses on a young child with large and whimsical butterfly wings. The bright colors and imaginary elements represents the innocent hope we feel as children 

Anna hasn’t had much time in her schedule for art classes, so this year she was very excited for AP Art. The class is one of the highlights of her school day because it allows her to visually express her creativity. She explains that to her “art is simultaneously something relaxing and something that makes her think in a challenging way.” 

Next year, Anna is attending Northwestern University to study English. Due to her love of books, she is interested in entering the publishing and editing industry. No matter what though, she intends to continue growing her art skills.