Homecoming Spirit Week & Court!

Jade Safeukui Noubissi

Hey Saint Joe! Homecoming week is one week from now! That is January 30th to Feb 3rd. The usual way this week works is for everyday of the week, students dress up according to the theme of that day. Then Friday is just Spiritwear day, with a Pep rally near the end of the day. The Pep rally encourages students to bring their school spirit as we honor the winter sports and the homecoming court!

 Your Saint Joe Winter Homecoming Court is Maeve Green & Stephen Eckrich, Kristi Tingwald & Mitchell Kazmierzak, Ella Frick & Cedric Suggs, Paige Harding & Evan Wieneke, Jackie Dobrydney & Carmelo Russo, and Gracie Velasco & Peter Pieniazkiewicz. Each pair makes a video promoting you to nominate them for homecoming king and queen which will be announced at the Basketball game on Feb 3rd. The videos for homecoming court should be coming out next week. They will be aired during the announcements so be on the lookout for them!

Lastly the themes for Spirit week are

Monday- College Day, Tuesday- Twin Day, Wednesday- Spotify Wrapped, Thursday- Glue Day: Seniors- Glitter Glue, Juniors-Super Glue( super heroes), Sophomores- Wood Glue( flannel outdoors), Freshmen- Tacky Glue(Tacky), and on Friday- Spiritwear ( any SJ spirit wear). 

On college day, you can dress like a college student or just wear a college hoodie or sweatshirt of any kind. On twin days, you can match with another student. On Spotify Wrapped, students can dress up as their favorite song artists or genre of music. For Glue day, there’s different types of glues that each class dresses up as. Glitter glue is a neon and sparkles theme. Super glue is dressing up like superheroes. Wood glue is like a country theme that usually consists of flannels, cowboy boots and jeans. Lastly Tacky Glue, dress up in clothes that don’t match each other and end up looking really weird. Spiritwear is just any Saint Joe Spirit. This ranges from sport hoodies, sweatshirts, joggers etc. Let’s show some school spirit and show out for Homecoming Week!