February’s OTHER Holidays Deserve More Love

February is a cold, grueling month for most, which is likely why society has spiced it up with some holidays. However, one of those holidays tends to get more love (pun-intended) than the rest. That, of course, being Valentine’s Day. The month of February has you seeing tons of flower decorations and candy hearts everywhere leading up to it.

But this isn’t an article about Valentine’s Day. Nope, someone’s already doing that, so this is where we’re at right now.

Here are three holidays in February that aren’t Valentine’s day, and deserve more recognition!

Groundhog Day, Feb 2

This holiday was a bit more popular in the past, but now it’s become a bit of an underhog. (No one? Dang.) As the story goes, this holiday originates from the Pennsylvania-Dutch superstition that if the ol’ special groundhog emerges from its burrow on this day and sees its shadow, then winter will go on for six more weeks. If there’s no shadow, spring will arrive early. Personally, I feel like it should be the other way around. The groundhog would see its shadow if the sun was out, so that sign should be the one representing spring, whereas the groundhog not seeing its shadow would be a result of cloudiness, so that one should mean that winter’s going to last longer. Anyways. The reason for this holiday dying out a little in recent years is likely because it is just a superstition, and nothing more. There’s obviously been no scientific correlation between a groundhog and his shadow and the weather. Despite this, the holiday itself is pretty cute and fun.

Presidents Day, the 3rd Monday of February

Also known officially as Washington’s Birthday, this holiday has no certain day it’s celebrated on every year. Instead, it’s celebrated on the 3rd Monday of February. This year, it’s on the 20th. The reason it’s scheduled the way it is is because of the Uniform Holiday bill signed by President Lyndon B. Johnson in 1968. That bill mandated that Presidents Day, and three other holidays had to be celebrated on Mondays as to not have midweek shutdowns for the federal holidays. After this bill was signed, it was also used to commemorate Lincoln’s birthday as well (Unless you’re in Alabama. There, they celebrate Thomas Jefferson instead of Lincoln, for reasons in which we will not be getting into. Ahem.) which is why it’s Presidents Day and not just Washington Birthday anymore. Many people opposed this change because they felt like it would make the whole point of the celebration lose its meaning, which was celebrating Washington, if it wasn’t on his actual birthday. Despite this, the bill went through. Its opposers may have been right though, as many people just see this holiday as another day off from school or work. This day does deserve more hype, in my opinion, as the lives and achievements of these historic leaders should certainly be recognized.

Move Hollywood & Broadway to Lebanon PA Day, Feb 5

Now, unlike the other two, this is one that most people have probably never heard of ever. It was just so strange and utterly random that it had to be put in this article because I was so baffled and intrigued that I researched this random national day for about 15 minutes. So, Lebanon is a city in Lebanon County, Pennsylvania, of course. It’s a very exciting place! They invented bologna there. It’s got tons of cool parks, and people like to party there, apparently. So why not move Hollywood and Broadway there? That was exactly what Thomas and Ruth Roy thought when they created this holiday and made it official with Wellcat Holidays. Oh well, you learn something new everyday, I suppose. You’re welcome.