How To Read More

Katie Boyd, Staff Writer

Reading for class can be hard. Finding time to read for fun in a busy schedule can be difficult. Here’s how choosing and prioritizing reading material, embracing books in all forms of media, and reading at various times throughout the day can increase reading time.

First, one must know that there is no such thing as a “guilty pleasure” book. No shame or embarrassment should stop someone from choosing to read a book of a certain genre. The choice to read a book should be based on one’s interest in it and the priority that book takes in the one’s life. It is a drag to try and finish a book whose characters, setting, plot, etc. don’t intrigue those who pick it up. If a book is assigned, it takes a kind of priority over other reading. If an assigned book is not found interesting, it should be finished regardless. Without reading, one is left clueless in the discussion of the book.

The next way to read more is to embrace all forms of books, like audiobooks and eBooks. EBooks make reading material more portable and use on the go. Audiobooks are also easier to carry around everywhere and make it possible to get work done, exercise, etc. while reading.

Reading first thing in the morning is beneficial to reading more. It has a calming effect for the beginning of the day, and gives something to think about while getting ready. Reading in the morning prepares for learning that day and gives an incentive to wake up on time, or even early. Choosing to read a book as the last thing before bed has a similar calming effect as reading in the morning does. Picking up a book is a good way to unwind from a long day and a more peaceful and healthy alternative to screen time.