Scholastic Art Awards

Kasem Minzey

The Scholastic Awards is an organization that recognizes educators in regional and national announcements. The students that have been selected as winners receive either an honorable mention, silver key, or gold key. If the student was selected to win one of the national medals, they are eligible to receive a cash prize. According to the website, Scholastic Art and Writing Awards, the Jurors who identify the winners look at the “originality, skill, and the emergence of a personal vision or voice.” The students are free to choose and draw whatever topic they want. This gives them freedom to either explore new things or it gives them a chance to express their creativity, emotion, and feelings. 

Just at Saint Joseph High School, there are as many as 18 honorable mentions, 17 silver keys, and 11 gold keys. Many of these winners won multiple awards, such as Lucy Williams (1 honorable mention, 2 silver keys, and 1 gold key), Mary Kate Kocovski (1 honorable mention, 2 silver keys, and 2 gold keys), Niena Martin (1 honorable mention and 3 gold keys), and Austin Gerencher (4 honorable mentions and 2 silver keys).