It’s the Cream of the Crop!

Margaux Hannewyk, Editor

If you’ve been in any of our local grocery stores, such as Martin’s, you may have noticed a portion of the milk section dedicated to Crystal Springs Creamery. Their milk is easily recognizable due to the fact that it’s put in glass bottles.

“Our milk is bottled in glass bottles for a reason—to preserve a fresh flavor that’s noticeably different.”

Crystal Springs is based in Osceola, Indiana, which is why our local stores can get their fresh dairy products!

Like most wholesome family farms, Crystal Springs Creamery started with a dream of providing families with fresh and healthy dairy products. As a small, family-owned business, they hold to the standards of producing only the best products for their consumers. Located in the countryside of Osceola, they cultivate crops, milk cows, and process cheese and yogurt right in their creamery. In 2019, they began selling their glass-bottled milk, and in the spring of 2022, they started selling farm-fresh ice cream! (They also sell some killer cheese curds.)

While their milk is probably their most iconic product, they actually started out with the desire to share preservative-free, homemade yogurt with other families. This vision cold-brewed until they had the creamery and “now-famous Farm Store” they have today.

Crystal Springs’ products are made in small batches with minimal processing, so they can ensure they’ve payed attention to every detail to maximize the quality of what they provide.

They strive to be as environmentally and animal-friendly as possible. Their cows are never treated with any growth hormones or rBST. They live a comfortable life, their diet consisting of alfalfa, corn, and grass, grown right in the fields surrounding the farm.

Crystal Springs’ milk, comes in 2-percents, whole, etc., all those types you love, while also having some distinct, year-round flavors such as chocolate, strawberry, and cold-brew. Not only that, but they have seasonal “limited-edition flavors”. They had banana milk last summer, peppermint mocha this past Christmas, and right now, they have my personal favorite in stock for St. Patrick’s Day, green mint. It basically tastes like liquified mint ice cream. It’s amazing.

I recently discovered that the Jack’s Donuts right by our school actually keeps some mini bottles of Crystal Springs’ milk in their drink fridge, so you could even get some before school if you so desired!

If you haven’t already, give them a try! Their stuff tastes seriously fresh and absolutely delicious. There are even some programs (my family uses one called Market Wagon, which delivers every Thursday.) where you can get their products delivered to your door. It feels like when the milk man came to deliver glass bottles of milk back in the day!