A Review of Chicory Café

A Review of Chicory Café

Miriam Rios, Reporter

Hey Saint Joe! Are you looking for a new place to get your coffee in the morning (or not in the morning)? Chicory Café might be the spot for you! 

Located in the downtown area of South Bend, Chicory Café offers many different food and drink options for your choosing. This includes a wide variety of coffees and teas as well as specialty drinks based off of the season or an upcoming holiday. For example, the current specialty drinks are inspired by the February holiday of Valentine’s Day. 

Chicory Café is also very well known around the city for its delicious beignets, which are truly a must-try. In addition, there are also a number of food options to choose from. 

The atmosphere of the café was welcoming and charming, and it was a good place to sit and chat while enjoying drinks and food. It is also relatively quiet which could make a good place to relax and do some homework or studying, especially on St Joe’s late start days. 

As far as price goes, items at Chicory were mostly quite affordable, as standard medium-sized coffee was about $4-5. The famous beignets were very cheap at a price of $3. The specialty drinks were a little bit pricier being specialties that are only available for a limited time.

Overall, the experience was pleasant; the drinks and the beignets that I had were very good. I would absolutely recommend Chicory Café!