Discover Saint Joe Day

Katie Boyd, Staff Writer

This year, Discover Saint Joe Day was on March 24. Discover Saint Joe Day is a chance for seventh-grade middle schoolers, who are starting to decide where to go to high school, to sample the Saint Joe experience. This is a day off for most students, but members of the Student Ambassadors club are called in to help facilitate the visitors and make sure the school day goes smoothly.

In the morning, Student Ambassadors come into the school and help set up and prepare for the incoming guests. These visitors are most often seventh graders from feeder schools and a few additional schools around the area. They arrive in the morning and spend almost a full school day at Saint Joe.

During Discover Saint Joe Day, visitors experience a shortened version of Saint Joe’s bell schedule. They are walked through various classes and toured around the school by Student Ambassadors. They get to talk with teachers and students and are able to ask questions. They are also led in prayer and get a taste of Saint Joe’s faith life.

Discover Saint Joe Day is an important day in the school year. It gives prospective students a chance to learn more about the school. I also gives a chance for those who weren’t considering Saint Joe seriously as an option to expand their choices. It gives existing high school students a chance to network and connect with the next generation of high school students. It is a great opportunity for students to take up leadership opportunities and ease the next group of Saint Joe students into high school life. Everyone, whether a member of Student Ambassadors or not, is welcome to help with this year’s Discover Saint Joe Day.