FBLA Dominates Spring Conference

How the Future Business Leaders of America took home the gold


Eppie Costello, Staff Writer

On March 10-12, the Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) Club took over Muncie, Indiana at the Spring Leadership Conference, or SLC. Students participated in 100+ questioned standardized business related tests, did individual and/or team presentations to a committee of judges, and so much more! This was our new moderator Danielle Kaidan’s first SLC and we were accompanied by our French teacher, Mr. Bennett Shelley.

On Sunday the 12th, the students that won any award for their presentations and tests were recognized if they placed 1st to 7th. Altogether as a club we had 44 placing awards, 8 being first place medals. Those awarded were:

  • Cesar Robles (Freshman) 3rd Place Intro to Event Planning & 5th Place Hospitality
  • Nicholas Nguyen (Sophomore)- 2nd Place Intro to Information Technology
  • Anthony Mendez (Sophomore) 1st Place Banking and Financial, 6th Place Social-Media Strategies, & 6th Place Personal Finance
  • Julian Mendoza Marquez (Sophomore) 3rd Place Social Media Strategies, 5th Place Hospitality, & 6th Place Organizational Leadership
  • Aidan Linn (Sophomore) 1st Place Coding, 1st Place Intro to Business Concepts, 2nd Place Business Calculations, 2nd Place Securities and investments, & 3rd Place Graphic Design
  • Cecelia Letherman (Sophomore) 1st Place Economics, 1st Place: Intro to Business Procedures, 2nd Place Sales Presentation, & 3rd Place Personal Finance
  • Alexis Marscola (Sophomore) 2nd Place Sales Presentation, 2nd Place Broadcast Journalism, 2nd Place Intro to Marketing Strategies, 5th Place Intro to Business Concepts, & 7th place Intro to Business Procedures
  • Sophia Helfrich (Sophomore) 1st Place Organizational Leadership, 1st Place Intro to Business Communication, 2nd Place Intro to Business Concepts, 2nd Place Broadcast Journalism, 4th Place Intro to Public Speaking 
  • Janiyah Walton (Junior)- 3rd Place Business Management & 5th Place Accounting 1
  • Trudy Costello (Junior) 2nd Place Political Science, 2nd Place Business Plan, 3rd Place Organizational Leadership, & 3rd Place Social Media Strategies
  • Eppie Costello (Senior) 1st Place Sales Presentation, 1st Place Mobile App Development, 3rd Place Journalism, 3rd Place Business Communications, 4th Place Public Speaking, & 7th Place Advertising
  • Mariangela Velazquez (Senior) 1st Place Sales Presentation, 1st Place Public Service Announcement, 6th Place Economics, 6th Place Job Interview