AP Art Student- Austin Gerencher


Senior Austin Gerencher is a current AP art student at Saint Joe. He has been creating art for as long as he can remember, since at least 2 years old. He chose to take AP art because the AP art teacher, Jennifer Firestone, is his favorite teacher and class. So since he was also fortunate enough to be able to take her class twice in his last semester, taking AP was the most efficient way to use his class time.

His style mostly works with black and white illustrations. He is also heavily influenced by the Japanese artist Hirohiko Araki. He does all of his work on a 2021 Ipad Pro and uses Procreate and Photoshop. What first got him into graphic design was a fellow teacher at Saint Joe, Kim Coleman. She teaches Digital design.

Firestone explains that “Austin is self-motivated and dedicated to his artwork. He has a wonderful imagination and his technical skills are incredible. I am excited to see what he does with his talent in the future.”

After high school, he plans to start out his education by attending Indiana University South Bend to study Graphic Design. He chose it to stay close to home and continue his love for graphic design.

Austin does not post his work anywhere but check out this gallery to see a few of his favorite works!