Senior Katie Kloska Qualifies for State


Bella Saratore

Bella Saratore (left) with Katie Kloska (right)

Bella Saratore

Katie Kloska, a senior on the girls’ golf team, fiercely competed at Noble Hawk Golf Course on September 26th. After a long day filled with intense sun and hectic wind, she was able to shine through with a 79, which resulted in her placing 4th individually and advancing to state the following weekend. The competition took place October 2-3, consisted of 18 holes each day, at Prairie View in Carmel, IN. 

When asked about her thoughts, Katie replied, “I’m really excited and thrilled about the experience I’m going to have playing in this tournament. I’m hoping that all of the hard work I’ve put into this season will be represented in how I play, and I’m confident in myself that it will”.

Katie’s been competing at a varsity level since her freshman year. Looking back at her time on the team, Katie states “Freshman year I was pretty new to competitive golf and I was just getting used to playing in tournaments. Throughout the years I’ve become a more mature player both physically and mentally. I’ve learned that you can’t have a good day everyday, and getting over the tough holes is one of the most important aspects when it comes to making your game the best it can be.” As co-captain, Katie has a big role to fill in representing the team and acting as a role model to those new to the game. The senior says that “There’s a lot of responsibilities and leadership to fill with the team. You have to work hard and make a good example of yourself so the underclassmen can see that and want to be the same. It’s so fun to watch and help the new players develop their game in the best way. I remember how important our seniors were when I was new to the team and building my game”.

Because it is her last year, there are many emotional factors involved as the season wraps up. Katie states that she will hold onto and remember “The relationships I’ve built with everyone and the bond we have is something that I will never forget. Going through the ups and downs of golf together has made us so close. The team is small, which allows me to know every girl I play with really well. I’ll always be thankful for the support my parents have given me throughout the season as they helped me become the player I am today”.

Make sure to congratulate Katie on her amazing season and accomplishments this senior year!