Saint Joe Boys Tennis Unity Gardens Project

Hunter Horan

While most students were sleeping in, the Saint Joe Boys tennis team was working hard at Unity Gardens. This places provides free organic food for those who need it most. Due to the pandemic, many of the large groups planned were not able to come help. The boys tennis team was able to answer this call though.

The boys applied their same attitudes with games to this service event. People there could be heard cheering on their fellow teammates from across the garden. Yard work is usually seen as something boring and tedious, but the Indians found a way to make it a bonding activity. Music could be heard playing while the teammates worked together. A group of seven seniors were battling against a tree that was creeping in on one of the tomato gardens. A lot of time, blood, sweat, and tears went into brining this mighty tree down. When the tree toppled over, triumphant shouts of victory could be heard from everywhere.

With 35 students in attendance, the impact the Saint Joe Boys Tennis Team had made on the gardens was clear. The site supervisor said that the change in the garden was night and day. She estimated that the boys had donated just under $1000 in labor that day. This goes to show how the boys go all out on and off the court.