Why You Should Binge Amazing World of Gumball This Weekend

Amelia Kempf, Reporter

For all of those kids that grew up watching Cartoon Network, you are very familiar with the cartoon show “Amazing World of Gumball”.

For the Disney Kids reading this article, let me explain the essence of “Amazing World of Gumball”. Each episode is its own unique fever dream centered on the lives of a blue cat named Gumball and a goldfish named Darwin. These two seemingly unrelated characters are actually brothers and even best friends. This show follows them around their home town of Elmore. There is no rhyme or reason to these episodes, and there is certainly not a running storyline throughout the seasons.

To demonstrate the randomness of this show, I will detail my favorite of the manic episodes. One of my favorite episodes is “The Parking”. The Watterson family decide that they are going to spend the day at the mall. At the advice of their dad, the Wattersons pass the first available spot for a closer one. This spot and the original one are immediately filled. This launches the Wattersons on a wild expedition to find a parking spot. After destroying a parking garage, crashing into a movies theater, harassing an old woman, and many other crazy things, the Wattersons finally find a spot, only to realize that the spot is directly in front of their house.

This episode is just one of the many examples of how Cartoon Network turned children’s monotonous daily activities into action-packed adventures. The “Amazing World of Gumball” started airing in January 2012 and ran through June 2019. There has been talk of more episodes coming out later this year. So grab your pet goldfish and blue cat and prepare for a Cartoon Network experience like no other.