Catching up with Kostielney!

Spiritual Life During Quaratine

Catching up with Kostielney!

Lauren Holloman, staff writer

Staying in touch with our spiritual lives during quarantine was hard for many people. The inability to go to a physical mass due to the quarantine restraints made it especially difficult.  I caught up this week on how Mr. Kostielney worked to keep his spiritual life strong.

Do you feel closer to God after quarantine?

Mr. Kostielney: I definitely feel closer to God after quarantine. Mainly because that usually happens whenever you deal with something difficult. Then when you get to the other side you realize you are a little bit stronger than you thought you were.

What has been the biggest challenge for you spiritually over quarantine?

Mr. Kostielney: The lack of balance, so when school was in session a lot of teachers struggled with being home. There were a lot of very late nights and early mornings. This unbalance in my life transferred over to my spiritual life.

When you were unable to go to mass, what did you do instead?

Mr. Kostielney: It was easy to make excuses not to pray and not being able to go to mass contributed to that. However, I tried to do things like pray with my family, doing rosaries, and reading scripture.