Minecraft: An Endless Opportunity


Michael Yaremus-Krynytskyy, Staff Writer/Video Editor

If you don’t know what Minecraft is by now, you must be living in a cave. Minecraft is one of the most relaxing but stressful, easy but hard, and simple yet complex games that are out there. The concept of Minecraft evolves around blocks. That’s it. Everything is made of blocks. The world and its natural elements are shaped like blocks. You can do whatever you want with these blocks. You are the architect of the world that is generated for you. You can choose to pillage the world around you and let it burn, or you can choose to let it flourish.

To get a better sense of why this game might be stressful or complex at all, we have to know what is included in the game. To start, you have the option of choose “Survival Mode” or “Creative Mode” when making your world. In “Survival Mode” you are against all the elements of nature; hunger and thirst, being susceptible to taking damage, having a limited number of health, and worst of all: being engulfed by the night (typically when the scary monsters come into play). Take this mode of you want action, and mystery.

In “Creative Mode” you have infinite health with no possible way of taking damage and you can fly (yea, pretty cool). Also, you have an unlimited number of every block in the game. So this mode is typically for expressing your creative side (hence “Creative”) while being relaxed. In this mode, the sky is the limit. There are no bounds.

Because of this game’s blocky goodness, it has been made very popular by gamers all around, racking up a total of 126 million players worldwide. Up 86 million from 2016! There is another reason why Minecraft gained fame: the ability to construct our own fantasies, oh but you don’t have to be alone. You can have all of your friends on and together build the unimaginable. Teamwork makes the dream work.

I would definitely recommend playing this game just because of how simple it actually is to start out, and the fact that every experience is different because it’s generated differently every time. 11/10

Minecraft is available on Xbox, PlayStation, PC, Mac, and mobile!