There is an Imposter Among Us


Michael Yaremus-Krynytskyy, Staff Writer/Video Editor

A meeting is called, and everyone gathers around the table. A body has been found aboard the ship and you need to find out who did it. You frantically try to scramble together enough evidence to make your alibi seem permissible. But alas it’s not enough for your “fellow” Crewmates. Next thing you know, you are kicked out of the ship and you fly across you screen, accompanied by text that says, “Steve was not the Imposter”. The other Crewmates frantically try to call another meeting as the game resumes but the Imposter sabotages the reactor to cause a meltdown and requires two people to go. As you wait for the reactor to be fixed, your screen turns dark and text pops up reading, “Defeat”. You have been outplayed.

“Among Us” is an indie game created by game developer InnerSloth, and released on June 15, 2018. Everyone has the same question, why is this game getting popular now and not back in 2018? Well, the main answer to this question is that the main stream media just didn’t give it that much attention. But earlier this year, some video game live streamers played the game in front of an online audience and it gained a lot of popularity. According to the Steam player count charts, this past month has had a peak of 438,524 players!

In “Among Us”, you are either put into a spaceship, or a research station on some sort of planet. You can host a public or private game with a maximum of 10 people, 3 of which can be Imposter (but everyone sets this to only 2, for gameplay balance). The role of crewmate is simple yet complicated. Simple because you are given tasks that are required to win the game, but in order to win all the other crewmates need to complete their tasks as well. Complex because you need to avoid getting killed but also avoid getting blamed for killing someone else. The role of the Imposter however, is to hinder the process of completing tasks by sabotaging certain things in the environment; like turning off the lights, cutting off oxygen to the ship, disrupting the communication station, and in some cases closing doors. The way to win a game as the Imposter is to kill off as much of the crew as possible so that the number of Crewmates equals the number of Imposters (so 1 Crewmate to 1 Imposter, or 2 Crewmates to 2 Imposters, etc). This game will tear your relationships apart so easily, but it is a lot of fun. In this game you need to be great in deception to be believable. Me and my friends play this game a lot and we recommend it to anyone.

Among Us is available on mobile for free, and on Mac/PC for $5! Give this game a try! Trust me I’m not sus, I did medbay scan.