Reaching Higher

Kyle Feldkamp, Staff Writer

On September 20th Aidan’s Masterpiece met for their first service activity of the 2020-2021 school year. Students repainted Aidan Short’s parking spot in the student parking lot to match the school’s new theme of reaching higher.

The St. Joe community is ready to reach higher after working last year to respond to the school’s theme of building family. Aidan’s Masterpiece serves with a unique sense of purpose because the students have a personal connection to each other and the community.

Volunteers who helped paint the spot in light and dark blue in honor of Aidan’s favorite color showed the strength of the St. Joe community through adding their own handprints.

This will be an important year for the club as the seniors are the last class who knew Aidan as a fellow student will be graduating this year. These students don’t plan on letting his memory be forgotten. Through Aidan’s Masterpiece, this year’s seniors plan on maintaining Aidan’s value of service to the community.

Although there are many challenges related to acts of service during a global pandemic these students are up to the challenge. Precautions are taken to protect the safety of the students. Through masks and social distancing, students are continuing to propose service ideas. 

In the current state of the world, service is more important than ever. Many families in the South Bend community are suffering economic setbacks, health fears, and social isolation.

Service has always been important to the faculty and students of Saint Joe. Every quarter 5 hours of service are required of the students. However many go beyond that goal by committing to service each week or for dozens of hours per month. Students understand the necessity of being part of the community and working to improve it.

This month the cheer team has taken up the mantle of representing St. Joe in the challenge to go out and serve the community. The commitment of the students to building a legacy of service is stronger than the challenges of a pandemic.