Ben’s Documentary Review: The Playbook

Ben Bailey, Staff Writer

Netflix recently released “The Playbook”: an original series that features many successful coaches in sports, like Doc Rivers and Jill Ellis. Each episode features a coach who shares the many life lessons that they have picked up throughout their careers.

Even though only one season of “The Playbook” has been released so far, it already offers a wide variety of influential coaches in a range of sports from college basketball to Premier League soccer and even professional tennis. This is beneficial for the audience because many unique perspectives and insights are presented, and the viewer learns a substantial amount of life lessons from each episode.

One interesting phrase from the series comes from José Mourinho, who says, “If you are prepared for the worst, you are prepared.” This struck me because it presents the true wisdom of these coaches in the series, and how they can provide such meaningful advice because of their experiences in sports. Also, this specific quote was fascinating because it relates to life overall, and not only sports, and how you can always “rebound” from certain events.

I would recommend this series to not only someone who is interested in sports, but anyone who is seeking wise advice from people who have had unique interactions and experiences. The show prioritizes teaching the audience about important aspects of life, such as Dawn Staley discussing the importance of patience, as well as how to maintain a fighting spirit despite the many obstacles of life.

Overall, I would give “The Playbook” a 9/10, as it incorporates a large interest of mine- sports- and provides many helpful lessons that I can apply to almost any situation in the future. I think that the stories about sports, as well as the lessons that were taken from these experiences, are elements that set the series apart from other shows or documentaries, making “The Playbook” a truly interesting Netflix series.