How should YOU be staying mentally healthy?

Jade O'Brien, Staff Reporter

Students have been struggling with mental health while being stuck at home all quarantine. Some ways you can also do this is trying different means of relaxation whether that be reading a book, taking a bath or exercising more! Being stuck at home can really take a toll on you. Here are some things that students have done to keep their spirits up.

Seniors, Olivia Borst, Tiffany Ragsdale and Claire Quiroz haven’t been doing much outside of the house this quarantine but that hasn’t stopped them from taking care of themselves. They have learned a lot about the importance of their mental health and figuring out what is right for them to give themselves a break every now and then.

Sophomore, Mitchell Kazmierzak has been doing a lot as well. He has spent lots of time with his family and being outdoors though he makes sure he finds time for himself whether that be going out in the pool and in the sun or just taking time for himself and watching a movie or tv show in his room. Some other tips for staying healthy could be keeping track with your mood and what you eat. Make sure to eat healthy and always go outside at least once a day and get some fresh air. Always make sure you are being safe though to keep you and all those around you as safe as can be.