New Businesses in South Bend

New Businesses in South Bend

Amelia Kempf, Reporter

Even after the economic recession of Covid-19, the economy is on the upturn with multiple new chains opening their first locations in South Bend.

Getting tired of Dunkin’ donuts? Then go check out Jack’s Donuts on the corner of East Lasalle Avenue and St Louis Boulevard. A Saint Joe family, the Futa’s, opened this location over this past summer. If you’re hanging with eleven of your friends on a Saturday morning, you can get a dozen delicious donutsĀ  to divide. Even if you’re all alone, Jack’s can still be the place to go. They sell individual donuts in all sizes and flavors. If donuts aren’t your thing, Jack’s donuts has a large selection of coffees. You can get anything from black hot coffee, to a caramel iced latte. Not only will you get fantastic donuts and coffee, but you will be supporting a business run by a Saint Joe family. So the next time you get a craving for something sweet, stop by Jack’s Donuts for a donut and coffee.

Want a little taste of California grocery shopping? The new Trader Joe’s that will be a part of Eddy Street Commons can bring you all those California brands that South Bend chains are lacking. One of the perks of Trader Joes that almost everything is made under their private label. This means that a lot of their products are manufactured by big brands, so they are almost identical, and then sold at a much lower cost to the consumers. Another interesting perk is that Trader Joe’s sells all bananas individually and for a flat rate of 19 cents per banana. One possible drawback of this chain is that it carries a very low amount of inventory compared to larger grocery store chains. Trader Joe’s has an average inventory of 4,000 items compared to an average larger chain inventory of 50,000. This means that there are less options of brand per item and that they continually rotate items on their shelves. No matter the drawbacks, a Trader Joe’s will surely make those West Coast Notre Dame students feel more at home in South Bend. The opening date is still a long time in the future; however, the introduction of Trader Joe’s to the South Bend community is worth the wait.

Need a new chicken go-to on Main Street? This December, a new Southern chicken favorite is coming to South Bend. Raising Cane’s originated in Louisiana and is now a predominately Midwest chain. This location will be the first Raising Cane’s in the state of Indiana. The classic Cane’s meal is chicken fingers, crinkle-cut french fries, Texas toast, coleslaw, and Cane’s sauce. The tentative opening date for this location is December 3rd, which might seem far away, but it really is only a mere seven weeks away.

So if you are looking for some new places in South Bend, keep your eyes and ears open for the grand openings for new businesses.