Saint Joe Students Travel the World: Japan


Bella Saratore, Staff Reporter

We are living in a time where international travel is rare. Even though this is the case, we are still able to live out these out of country experiences through memories and stories from ourselves and others.

In fall of 2018, I was fortunate enough to travel to Japan. This once in a lifetime experience will stay with me forever. I traveled there for a week with my dad, who was there on a business trip for Citizen.

While some of our trip was spent viewing machines, facilities, and events centered on this company, we were able to have a lot of free time to experience the Japanese culture.

We spent most of of our time in Tokyo, except for one day, where we took a bullet train, traveling  up to 199 mph, about an hour west to view a factory. Our time in Tokyo comprised of visiting shrines, buying foods from the fish market, spending time in Harajuku, going to a Paul McCartney concert, eating traditional foods, and sightseeing.

Despite this being long before covid-19 hit the world, residents of Japan found themselves wearing masks to prevent other from getting sick. Their mannerisms were incredibly respectful; they thanked us as they served us our food at restaurants.

I was fortunate enough to record my trip and put it on YouTube as an easy way to showcase my wonderful experience.

World travel is so necessary to appreciate and understand the lifestyle of those around us. If anyone has the chance to travel to Japan for whatever reason, I would highly suggest you take the opportunity to visit this amazing country.