The Boys Seasons 1 and 2 Review

Hunter Horan

In a time where seemingly every piece of visual content has superheroes in it, it would be understandable to think that nothing could come out now that is unique anymore. However, Amazon Prime’s show The Boys proves that there are new and interesting areas that this genre can venture into.

Judging by the trailers, one would think that this show merely boils down to killing the superhero of the week in an over-the-top and goofy way, but this show has legitimately complex characters and incredibly clever and timely social commentary. The Boys delves into how corporations pander to people and how monopolies can be catastrophic for societal stability. Often the heroes don’t do heroic deeds because it’s right, but because of how it will benefit this superhero corporation. This series can be very funny and over-the-top, but it also has a very serious side to it in scenes showcasing this.

Once the characters and the rules of this world have been established, the show moves at a consistently fast pace. Season 1 may have better pacing than the second season, but these shows are still easily bingable with each season being only eight episodes  and little to no filler. Sure there are a few minor plot holes and coincidences here and there, but the twists and turns throughout consistently move me to watch the next episode. The way season 2 concludes makes me incredibly excited for season 3. The Boys is a surprisingly mature and thoughtful show that reignites the superhero genre, making it among the best and most refreshing tv shows in recent years.