Have you ever wondered what the most popular Halloween candies are?

Top five highest grossing Halloween candies

Have you ever wondered what the most popular Halloween candies are?

Lauren Holloman, staff writer

Have you ever wondered what the most popular Halloween candies are? Here are the top five highest grossing Halloween candies.

At number five are Kit Kat’s-  a chocolate covered wafer, that come in several different flavors – including  green tea, white chocolate, orange dreamsicle, mint, and of course regular milk chocolate. Sales for Kit Kats come in at an impressive 306.51 million dollars.

Next on the list are Hershey’s Chocolate bars. The Hershey’s company produces many different types of candies but Hershey’s Chocolate bar has sales around 324.63 million dollars. Some different kinds of chocolate bars include: pumpkin spice, white chocolate, cherry, dark chocolate, and regular milk chocolate.

Snickers are a delightful combination of roasted peanuts, nougat, and carmel, all coated in milk chocolate. Some of the flavors of Snickers are: almond, hazelnut, creamy peanut butter, and maple almond butter. While the flavor options are slim for Snickers they do come in a variety of sizes, fun sized, king sized, mini, and regular. The sales for Snickers are around 456.91 million dollars.

The very appealing M&M’s. M&M’s are candy coated chocolate – typically milk chocolate – that come in all different colors. However, they also have many other flavors which include: coffee nut, dark chocolate, almond, mint, white chocolate, pretzel, and caramel. The sales for M&M’s are 500.82 million dollars.

The immensely popular Reese’s Peanut Butter cups top the list. Reese’s are a mixture of milk chocolate and peanut butter coated in a hard chocolate shell. While Reese’s has introduced many different colors and shapes for different holidays and events, they are late in the game to making different flavors. For example they have had halloween shaped Reeses’s cups in the shape of a pumpkin. Their sales are around 509.85 million dollars.