Shazam! Fantastic for the Family

Shazam! Fantastic for the Family

Superhero fans, don’t be disappointed in DC just yet. DC’s movie release of Shazam! on March 15, 2019 helped set DC back into action after its disappointing release of the Batman vs. Superman movie. The movie is packed with excitement, adventures, comedy, and it engages the audience with a happy ending.

A 14-year-old rebellious foster kid, Billy Batson, constantly runs away from his foster families in search of his real mother. He is sent into a new foster family later on, living with five other foster children with unique personalities. Soon, Billy receives a mysterious power that would dramatically change his life.

One of the biggest positives that the movie is able to bring out is the smile and joy out of the audience. The film biggest theme is that family matters. The viewers can sympathize and understand the main character’s rebellious foster life as he slowly chooses to change into a better person with the new super power he got.

The film’s main theme isn’t the only plus side of the movie. It has lots of comedic and wild adventures that ties back to the film’s theme. It’s what makes the movie so happy and engaging for the audience. This movie is basically designed for a family to watch but anyone can see it too if they’re looking for something fun to watch.

There are a few downsides of the movie though. First, the development of the main character is too predictable. We can see miles away that the main character is going to developed into a better person from beginning to end. Second, the villains in this movie aren’t fully developed or exciting. It feels like the movie might’ve focused too much on family matter and not the villains (7 deadly sins). If it took the time to develop the antagonists more, the movie would be way more interesting with two major plots instead of one.

Overall, I would rate the movie 9/10. If you’re looking something fun to watch, Shazam! is the movie you should watch as it contains joy, comedy, adventure, and action. I really love the comedic aspect of this movie. The downsides are that the movie follows the plain, simple superhero script, making it predictable, and the villains aren’t fully developed. Other than that, I feel like its comedic aspect and family-theme adventure would make up for that.