Homecoming week

Homecoming week is here! That means the students have taken full advantage of dressing down in order to show their school spirit.  Here are some of the highlights!

Starting the week off right, students dressed in their favorite Hawaiian themed outfits, accessorizing with lays, sunglasses, and other brightly colored decorations. A pair of students, Amelia Kempf and Tiffany Reed were voted best outfit for the theme on Monday, dressing as a Pina Colada. “Tiffany and I got to school extra early so that she could plant the pineapple on top of my head, which seemed to take forever” Amelia said. “We received a lot of compliments throughout the day which definitely made the effort worth it.” Tuesday’s theme was Country versus Country club. Students wore various flannels, cowboy boots, and cowboy hats to show off their love for the wild west.  

The other half of students dressed in polo shirts, skirts, cacies, and of course sweaters tied around the neck for the final touch. I caught up with Cam’ron who had one of the best country club outfits of the day, “The country club theme was most definitely my favorite theme of the week”, he said. Many of the students agreed with Cam’ron, saying that they love any opportunity to dress up. Wednesday’s theme was hippie/ tie dye and was definitely the brightest day of the week. Both students and staff members dressed in colorful tie dyed t- shirts and flowy pants to accommodate the time period. Featured are some of the best dressed students who really took on the meaning of dressing down.