What Saint Joe Students Are Thankful For


Maddy Tubbs

Senior Tessa Berente

Maddy Tubbs, Reporter

It is officially the month of November and the season of being thankful. Sadly, halloween scares and dressing up is over. It is time to be grateful for the needs God has given us in our lives. He has blessed us with different talents, families, friends, and etc. Thanksgiving is at the end of the month on November 26th. In preparation for this holiday, I asked Saint Joe students to take a short clip of themselves stating what they are thankful for this Thanksgiving. This is a part one of the video and I will have a part two coming soon. 

Saint Joe is a community where God is put first in our lives and we try to show this by sharing and spreading the faith with others. One way we can spread the faith is by thanking God for the gifts he has given us. These can include earthly physical gifts or heavenly spiritual gifts. Saint Joe students have expressed their gratitude for friends and family and even for the opportunities opened up by the quarantine. Whether it is spaghetti, veggie pizzas, or Chick-fil-a, many are thankful for food.  Even though Thanksgiving always has numerous foods incorporated into this holiday, it is not what it is all about. It is supposed to be about giving joyful praise and thanksgiving to God for all he has given us. Thanksgiving is a way for us to say thank you to God. It helps grow in our faith journey and get us closer to being with God in Heaven for eternity.