Tough Loss to New Prairie for the Bowlers!

Cooper Hartline, Reporter

The Saint Joseph Bowling Team had a match on November 20th at Chippewa Lanes. The team went up against New Prairie and fought hard. Cade Michalski scored 201 and 186, Jared Cain scored 166 and 145, and Joey Buczynski scored 132 and 144. However, with an unbalanced team situation, New Prairie took the win.  

Compared to previous years, Bowling has changed due to COVID-19 because all boys and girls now have to bowl in shifts. So, rather being on every lane, we now have more space between lanes with the on going matches. Face masks are to be worn except when bowlers are on the approach. Temperature checks are to be taken at practices and matches. When bowlers are to be checking in, they have to give their name and can have two spectators but have to have their information for contact tracing purposes. With the requirement of face masks, Kayla Gentry made bowling issued face masks for the squad.  

The next bowling match will take place at Chippewa on November 21, 2020.