Christmas Fun with the Fam

Credits :

Isaac Martinez

Wondering how to make the best of covid and Christmas? Christmas games! Having fun with your immediate family with a few around the house games is an ideal way to keep your family happy and safe during these holidays. To help inspire some ideas, I asked a few people what are their favorite Christmas games to play. 

  1. A well-played one happens to be the Christmas scavenger hunt! Similar to the hunt commonly celebrated on Easter, but this is the Christmas edition. This game is extremely flexible and easy to play. Usually, the eldest of the household is in charge of hiding whatever the prizes may be throughout the household and/or room. Once begun, the participants scavenge throughout the area hoping to find the most prizes. The participant with the most prizes not only has the most but also wins! 
  2. A neat exercise and fun game to watch is the oven mitts game! This game can have as many players and watchers as it may please! All it requires are wrapped presents and oven mitts. The person playing has to try to open their present with oven mitts on their hands! The player who takes less time to open the present wins the round! This can be played how often you’d like and it’s a true comedy to watch.
  3. Another game is a pretty artistic yet yummy one! As many do throughout the Christmas season, Gingerbread House Making! To turn this into a game, you can make it a competition! The person with the best-decorated gingerbread house wins!