Saint Joe Cafeteria: What are Students’ Favorite Meals?


Carrie Anderson, Staff Writer

The Saint Joe cafeteria is known for it’s delicious and appetizing meals that have been continuously improving over the years. So, what are some of students’ favorite meals?

The majority of students said the chicken sandwich, which was not surprising considering its deliciousness. Furthermore, the chicken sandwich is typically served 3-4 times a month. However, most students agreed that the meal should be served more frequently. Since the chicken sandwich is a favorite among students, we can hope to see it served more often in the future.

Additionally, the popcorn chicken bowl came in second for being a favorite among students, which is also not a surprise. The popcorn chicken bowl is typically served between 1-2 times a month. However, the majority of students agreed that it should be served more often. Hopefully, we can see it more often in the future, too.

Aside from the favorites of Saint Joe’s cafeteria among students, the least favorite meal is the sloppy joes. The sloppy joes are typically served once a month, which is a good amount considering the amount of students that do not favor them. Furthermore, the second least favorite meal from the cafeteria is the hot dogs, which is surprising considering some students said the hot dogs were their favorite. The hot dogs are typically served 1-2 times a month, which is a good number considering some students like them and some students do not.

Overall, the Saint Joe cafeteria’s meals are very delicious. We can hope to see more improvements and changes in the future.