Senioritis: Is it Treatable?

The only cure that has seemed to work for senioritis is graduation, but finding an additional treatment before then would be convenient.


Marie Achkar

Senior motivation always takes a dip during the last semester of high school but this year it might be even lower.

Marie Achkar, Staff Writer

An annual illness is spreading amongst Saint Joe students again. It’s not the average common cold, flu, or COVID–it’s… senioritis?

It’s that time of year. As second semester rolls around and those college decisions come flooding in, many seniors have started experiencing laziness, exhaustion, or lack of motivation.

This condition that upperclassmen are catching is nothing other than senioritis–and I have made it a mission to interview seniors and find a potential cure for this contagion. 

“I personally have to set like fifty alarms…it’s so bad, you don’t even understand,” said senior Jade O’Brien, after being asked if she knew of a possible cure. 

Other seniors told me the severity of their symptoms based on a one-to-ten scale.

“Right now, probably like a six or a seven. After spring break, it’s going to be a 10,” said senior Mia Naman.

For others, the struggle is too much to confront. 

“I don’t want to talk about it,” said senior Andrew Lamont.

On a positive note, many seniors are finding ways to cope with their symptoms. Senior Charlie Leonard has gone so far as to make snow angels in below-freezing weather in nothing but a shirt and shorts. 

A 2019 article in the New York Times offered some possible treatments for senioritis, including getting a part-time job, finding new hobbies and spending less time on digital screens.

 However, there are no scientific studies to prove that these or other methods can actually work. The only cure that has seemed to work is graduation, but finding an additional treatment before then would be convenient.

So, is senioritis treatable? If you’re a senior, the best advice anyone can give is to push through and stay as motivated as possible. 

But, there is one thing that this reporter can confirm is true: unlike the common cold, flu, or COVID, getting plenty of rest is NOT a treatment for senioritis.