Homecoming and Catholic Schools Double Week Recap

Katie Kloska

Catholic Schools week coincided with St. Joe’s fun themed days for all of the students. Because of the hybrid schedule entering into the second semester, there was a little change in the way the dress down days were arranged. Usually in normal school days where all students attend a consecutive five days, there would be a different theme for each of those days. However because half the students came in for two days each week, the whole school took two full weeks to celebrate Catholic Schools week and Homecoming week combined with creative costumes and dressing up with the themes for each day they came in. Throughout passing periods, music was playing in the hallways over the PA spicing up the themes for each day that much more.

Day one was pajama day. A favorite with students because they can dress comfy and cozy relaxing in their favorite pjs during school. Teachers also enjoy this cozy day too. Mrs. Fink proudly sported her cheetah print pajamas as she taught class! Fuzzy blankets and robes were worn making students feel at home and cozy while they learned.

The second theme for these weeks was Disney day. Everyone has a favorite Disney character. Christopher Wild from the Disney original Starstruck to twin Kim Possibles, everyone had a blast showing off their favorite characters.

Then there was dress like a teacher day! Students dressed up as their favorite teachers at St. Joe, wearing similar outfits as them. Ethan Horvath embraced Mr. Goodrich’s unique style, matching him with a black trench coat and hat along with it. A group of students wore their track uniforms, standing with the track and cross country coach, Mr. McCarthy! The teachers had a blast picking out their favorite songs to play in the hallways and many students said it was fun to listen to them too.

Happy Harry Potter Day! Each grade had the honor to have a designated Hogwart house they dressed up as. Clare and Tea went all out for the Gryffindor house dressing in their preppy clothes and waving wands with Mr. DePauw and Mrs. Smolinski. The scarves were the perfect final touch to perfect their outfits and also convenient with the cold weather outside! The Harry Potter theme song was traveling the school halls making this days theme come more to life.

The past two weeks for the students and even the administration, was a lot of fun with a new theme each day. The student body took pride in celebrating Catholic schools week and had a blast acknowledging the homecoming court during the second week! A virtual pep rally was shown over the announcements during the flex period in substitute for the in-person pep rally that would normally take place without the restrictions of COVID. Congratulations to all on the court and we love school spirit!